First Time AAS cycle

  1. First Time AAS cycle

    Hey im going to start a AAS cycle soon hopefully. My stats are 23 years old, 180lbs, 5'10", 10% bf. I have experience with PH but am wanting to get on some real gear because its a little less damaging to the liver. I think im will do a test cycle. So I was wondering what type dose and needle size. Also how long. Last do you need cycle support just like PH?

  2. Not trying to be a dick, but that is all easy research stuff. 25 gauge needle 1-1 1/2 inches. Yes you must support your cycle but its a little different.
    Test e usually 500 mg a week. Which most of the time comes out to 1ml twice a week like Monday and Thursday. 10-12 weeks for a first cycle. Kind of getting your feet wet at 10 so if no sides come up run 12.
    Like I said not trying to be rude but hormones are real man and you really need to read up.

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  3. Use the Search tool and find "Unreals guide to injectables" that should give you a nice idea what you'll be playing with.
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  4. I knew most of it. I just wanted to confirm it. Thanks so much

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