Starting a PH cycle this summer, need some advice!

  1. Starting a PH cycle this summer, need some advice!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a long time due to studying for the DATs and am starting a PH cycle once I get home from school. I have done a lot of research on this subject but would be more than appreciative to here some advice from all of you. I bought a bottle of H-drol a while back because I was going to do a mild cycle (1 bottle) but now want to go another route. I was thinking about going with Havoc because I am looking for gains that are more on the dry side and not to harsh on your body. I am 21 years old, have been lifting religiously for 4 years (5 days a week), I am 5'6" and weigh 150lbs. Yes I know from lifting for 4 years that I am not heavy but I did start out weighing 129lbs. I was a very avid runner and have found it extremely difficult to gain weight and muscle mass no matter how much I eat. I decided that I am going to give a PH a try. My cycle is as follows but my main concern is with the PCT.

    Week 1: Milk thistle, hawthorn berry, cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 2: Milk thistle, hawthorn berry, cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 3: RPN Havoc 20mg cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 4: RPN Havoc 30mg cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 5: RPN Havoc 40mg cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 6: RPN Havoc 40mg cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin
    Week 7: RPN Havoc 40mg cycle assist, fish oil, multivitamin

    Also taking whey protein and ON creatine throughout the cycle

    My main question is about PCT. I will be taking PCT assist but I have read so many different variations with PCT and I cannot figure out what would be the best for my cycle so I was hoping that you guys could help. I have heard numerous things about liquid clomi (clomid) and Liquid Tamox (nolva) but do not know which serm is best. I have heard that sometimes nolva can hurt your gains in the end but wasnt sure if this is true. I am also curious what is the best test booster to take during PCT, bioforge etc.

    If you guys could give me any input on a proper PCT (serm, testbooster) for my cycle that would be great! Also any comments on my cycle in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  2. Pick nolva or clomid doesn't matter really for Epi. Also, for a test booster get just bulk DAA

  3. Ok great, thanks for the info! The rest of the cycle looks pretty solid in your opinion though?

  4. My goal is to try to gain at least 8-12 lbs from this cycle. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the original post. Is this to mild of a PH to obtain these gains? Should I go for something a little more potent?


  5. Get some 4-hea or a topical,to serve as a test base.

  6. Alright guys so I think I have my pct all figured out now and was wondering what you all think.

    Liquid Tamox (Nolva): 40/30/20/10
    PES erase: 0/0/3/2/2/1
    Testforce 2: normal bottle dosing

    Along with the continuation of cycle assist, multi, fish oil, ON creatine, whey protein

    Hope it looks good!

  7. I just did very similar layout with my Havoc cycle
    I would recommend some joint support like Cissuss or glucosamine at the very least. My knees and hands tend to be problem areas for me. I also enjoy 100mg DHEA ED but you are young and this may not do anything - hell, it may not do anything for me either. Be warned, you can get headaches from adding 100+ mg DHEA and the headaches are awful. Also I ditched my multi since I was eating like it was my last meal every meal but no big deal

    Below is my PCT - which I admit is not the typical, basic layout but it does follow a lot of the standard ideas. I've read opposing ideas on when to start Erase and Test Boost so to keep it easy for me and to lock down a clean, organized 8 week layout I just went with the belief that starting it day after is best.

    PCT starts today and looks something like this

    weeks 1 and 2: nolvadex 40mg, erase pro 1 cap, MyoTest 3 caps, DAA 3g, Cycle assist

    weeks 3and 4: nolvadex 20mg, erase pro 1 cap, myoTest 3 caps, DAA 3g, PCT assist

    weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8: form-x 6 caps, reduce xt 3 caps, Ergobolic 4 caps, DAA, PCT assist

    Have some small signs of gyno in left nipple so I am hoping Nolva helps. I know for Havoc this is prob an overkill PCT.

    in addition I will be taking the following:
    Omega 3 6 9
    horny goat weed
    and starting week 9 I will be using Animal Pak

  8. That looks great, thanks for the response! The main thing I am worried about is gyno, i've read numerous things about preventing gyno on cycle as well as PCT but I have gotten so many different answers that I am not sure what the right one is. Would it be beneficial to use PES erase on cycle as well as through PCT along with Nolva in PCT? I know to tapper down at the end to prevent rebound. I may consider grabbing some letro just in case i feel gyno start on cycle so I can start that immediately and then tapper off with nolva and PES to prevent rebound.

  9. Also, let me know how the end of your PCT goes, I am very interested!

  10. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get some feedback on CEM products. I know they are sponsors here and I have read a good amount of articles on them. I was wondering if any of you have used their Liquid Tamox? I just purchased it and was wondering how it worked for you guys!



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