sust vs enanthate?

  1. sust vs enanthate?

    which do you rate as the best bulker at these doses sus @500gs ew, enan @500mgs ew or a combination of them both sus 250 mgs and enan 250 mgs ew? thanks

  2. test is test is test you might bloat a touch big more with enan, i'd recommend enan over sust anyday though, you really need to use sust eod to take advantage of all the esters
    your best bet is to go with enan 250mg twice a week

  3. what he said.

  4. I'd go with enan over sust anyday. With sust, you're not really getting the full benefit of short esters cuz there's not much of it and to have to pin EOD when you can do two per week of enan. To me it's a no brainer... If i want enan to kick in sooner, i can frontload by doing EOD for the first week, then twice a week after. With sust, it's EOD for the whole cycle.

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