Whats an anabolic

  1. Whats an anabolic

    What is an anabolic? Is this needed to get stronger?

  2. Anabolic means muscle growth

  3. considering that (obviously) I am addicted to it......I feel it is in bad taste to have brought this up. Have some compassion sir.

  4. Is this a joke?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BlackGT99 View Post
    Is this a joke?
    I hope so lol

  6. I think an "Anabolic" can be anything that favors muscle growth from synthetic AAS/hormones to natural fish oil.
    Remember why you started.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by theish11
    What is an anabolic? Is this needed to get stronger?
    Anabolic is the processes of taking smaller molecules to build up larger ones, and is not needed to get stronger.

  8. Food = The God of anabolics.

    Testosterone can be King.


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