Hello friends!
i want play a epistane(18mg for caps) cycle.
Supplements are:
epistane,cycle protect,taurine,omega 3,tamoxifene,Daa,Pure labs clomadex.


epistane - 2 caps(1pre-breakfast 1pre-workout)
omega 3 - 4 tabs
cycle protect -3 tabs

2-3-4-5 week

epistane - 3 caps (1pre-b. 2 pre w.o.)
omega 3 - 4tabs
cycle protect - 3 tabs
taurine and glucosamine if you need to.

6-7 week

tamoxifene 20mg
daa 3gr
milk thistle 450mg of silimarine

8-9 week

tamoxifene 10mg
daa 3gr
Clomadex 2 caps
milk thistle 450mg of silimarine

advice?thanks a lot

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