High hemoglobin in urine normal while on PH?

  1. Exclamation High hemoglobin in urine normal while on PH?

    Had a urine test done as my back pumps have been going on for about 3-4 days now. Everything was in normal range except for extra high hemoglobin. Is this normal? I didn't have an official doc do it, just a friend in medicine who had a urine panel. He said hemoglobin in urine can be raised by just exercising too hard so an active person on a PH with a higher rbc and hemoglobin urine level isn't a surprise. He did suggest stopping the PH and even lay off the vitamins/supps for a few days. Just let the body recoup and drink plenty if water with some hot compresses. My question is if this is indeed normal or should I be worried about something else? My urine had the slightest tinge of brown to it but there was no blood, WBC, protein, etc in my blood to cause concern. Most likely it's dehydration and my body trying to clear the toxins.Thoughts?

  2. Sorry for the early bump but any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated

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