starting to feel the sides...

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    liver is right under the lung, not lower right hand side. that would be your appendix, colon, or small or large intestine

    to take it a step further, nearly every doctor agrees the liver does not feel pain, the pain comes from a fatty inflamed liver pressing against nearby organs. so if it hurts to bend forward or breath, then you have a fatty liver pressing into something every time you do those movements

    to take it a step further, that means you do have a pre existing condition, and its probly fatty liver from getting drunk 3 nights a week

    youre advice is terrible. its like youre trying to convince yourself that youre fine and normal by telling someone else that his sides are normal. but the thing is that liver area pain isnt normal on epistane,especially 2 weeks in
    This is correct 100%. i had terrible stomach pains and nobody could figure out what it was...turned out to be my liver was bloated with water and inflamed putting pressure on my stomach. Stacked the lasix i was on with another duiretic....liver better and no stomach pain. This type scenario happens with organs. This pain you guys speak of also can be colon/intestinal related from my past experience.

  2. Drink more water and up your dose of stanozane = sides gone.


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