Best thing To stack with Bulk Up?

  1. Best thing To stack with Bulk Up?

    I'm looking to gain mass and strength and I'm looking to get 2 bottles of bulk up and want to know what other product should i stack with it to reach my goals..maybe some 4 dhea (stano elite)? or something stronger

  2. stano elite is stano not 4dhea. and bulk up already has 4dhea in it. its good on its own if you wanna stay relatiely mild. or you can add any methyl and itll act as a test base to support the stronger compound

  3. Checkout out the P-Bold thread

  4. awhyeah u think bold would be a good stacker?

  5. yea i know bulk up already has it in it but i wasn't sure if i should dose more 4 dhea or add a different compound, is there any non methyls you'd recommend

  6. isnt there another thread like this?
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  7. i don't think so i haven't been on here in a month i was asking you things similar in the p bold thread tho

  8. hva tech what are some good cheap non methyls you tried that would be a good stacker besides stano?


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