Is Epistane off the market?

  1. Unhappy Is Epistane off the market?

    I heard second hand that RPN is no longer making epi and is possibly out of business all together. Why? Did the laws change again? Is epi still something we can get? Am I allowed to ask here for other brand names that are known to be legit? Who else makes this stuff? Or is everybody shutting down production of epi?


  2. I first heard of RPN discontinuing Havoc some years ago. Don't know if they ever did since it still seems to be available. Regardless, there are plenty of good Epistane clones out there, so it matters little. The legality of Epistane is not yet in question.

  3. Oh, brand names: LGI jumps to mind first. The new Celtic Labs line has an Epi product that is absurdly cheap right now (like silly, stupid cheap. I may stash some while it's so cheap). A few others I can't think of. Google is your friend on this.

  4. I just bought two bottles of rpn havoc from an online retailer about 5ish weeks ago.



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