Woman, AAS and phytoestrogens?

  1. Hello all,

    I've been helping my fiancée at the gym and with her supplementation, as she's been helping me with my diet - basically I train her and tell her what to take and she keeps me well fed. Kind of a cool partnership, and bonding experience.

    A couple months ago she decided she wanted to do a cycle, and I got her some primo. Didn't go very well. She got bloated, irritable, and started to break out pretty bad. Needless to say I don't think it was primo because this happened with 10mg eod.

    So we have legit var, we're going to start at 2.5mg x2/day, the problem is we don't know when. She's currently taking pueraria mirifica, funegreek, saw palmetto, dong quai and dandelion root. This is giving her a bunch of phytoestrogens for higher more stable female hormone levels, while lowering her male hormones for general female health. It should make her periods and pms less intense while improving her complexion and potwntially increasing breast size.

    So should she and when could she run var? Can she run phytoestrogens at the same time as var and perhaps ward off virilizing side effects?



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