DHEA, advice needed.

  1. DHEA, advice needed.

    Hey All,

    Some background info :

    I'm 29, been lifting since I was 17, Have used AAs before, need advice on this issue.

    I am a classic endomorph, really hard for me to keep lean, typically the way I start a cut is, I do calorie restricted keto, low intensity cardio, lift heavy 4x per week.

    In the past I have taken Dermacrine, but I have also gotten similar issues, and I want to narrow down wether or not I am just genetically prone to high estrogen.

    I am 4 weeks in to using bps dermacrine at a very very low dose, 3x pump post shower daily.

    At around day 25, I noticed my right nipple itching and now on day 28, still itching.

    I am only taking around this much active ingredient:

    dhea - 43.2 mg
    7,8 benzoflavone - 21.6 mg
    trans-resveratrol - 21.6 mg
    pregnenolone - 10.8 mg
    chrysin - 5.4 mg

    Is it possible my body is generating more estrogen than testostorone ?

    I wanted to continue this low dose for 6 weeks, then switch to something like erase for a mild PCT as I didnt think such a low dose of this product would be suppressive.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Go to the doc tell him you think you have low t/high e and get bloodwork done, or use privatemedlabs I think its like 50 bucks

  3. Damn phone, there is no e in that but it won't let me edit.

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