Gear bunk?

  1. Gear bunk?

    Ok guys kind of worried I'm on a 12 week 625mg test E cycle I know it's not suppose to kick in till around week 7. But I kick started the cycle with 50mg of anadrol. Started seeing really good gains went from 295 twice to 300x5 on bench and went up on everything but I'm off the anadrol now and my strength has went downhill barely got 300 for 3. My friend has similar problems. How could I check and see if my stuff is bad or not? Thanks guys!

  2. Only way to be sure is by getting bloodwork done.

  3. Dang and what should I expect?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 12brother2 View Post
    Dang and what should I expect?
    Expect test levels to be greater than 1500ng

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