Epistane cycle timeline question

  1. Question Epistane cycle timeline question

    I've heard that epistane seems to "kick in" in week 2, most people say the end of week 2. Curious to know why/how that is? Does this just refer to strength gains? Or does muscle start rapidly building as well at the end of week two - more so that it does early on? Is epi somehow altogether inactive during the first week 1/2? I'm sure it must be doing something, even if I don't feel it yet. I am on day 8. I can already see gains, yet I'm not sure if this might be simply due to the fact that I'm working out harder. I've discovered that there is definitely a psychological effect knowing you are in a cycle. I think as of now, I'm just pushing harder but not getting anything from the epi. Just wondering what to expect both with strength and with gains in the weeks to come. Thanks.

  2. I am at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from you. I'm at mid week 3 of my epi (Havoc) right now (30/30/40 so far) and I'm still waiting for something to happen. I've gained 2lbs so far but that could be because I've just been eating like a crazed madman lately.

    Obviously this goes to show that PHs/AAS affect different people in different ways. Individual results WILL vary. Because of that, I don't think anyone can really predict strength and size gains...
    -- JB \m/
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  3. Sorry to hear it's not working for you.

  4. I'm doing epi/stano 40/40/40/50/50/50 , 600/600/600/800/800/800

    Just finishing week 4 kicking in nicely this week finally. Nothing crazy , always pumped good energy . I'm eating a lot too, but i know its working.

    Up 5-7lbs and not expecting much more in my last two weeks

    Keep training hard!!!

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