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    Has any one heard anything about the supplement company? serious nutrition solutions?

  2. I havent heard anyting about em but i have 2 of their MOHN bottles but i have yet to tried em. One thing i thought was weird is that sell their M1,4-AD but SNS website dont seem to display it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cpd32
    Has any one heard anything about the supplement company? serious nutrition solutions?
    I have bought some of their M-Dien (2 bottles 100count 4mg) and M 1,add (3 bottles 90 count 30mg) from DPS just for sh*t and giggles. It was cheap like $20 a bottle. I may get more if it drops lower in pice right before the ban. I have no idea of its quality or purity but at that price I figured I would make the gamble and save the stuff for down the road when my powder is all gone.

    I did get a free T shirt with my order.

    Heres my beef, why do supplement companies that give free t-shirts give you and XL T shirt that fits like it is a medium that has been shrunk in the wash. Is it to make me think "Hey I am Hoouge, this stuff really works!!" Don't they realize some of the people they are selling to are likely big already.

  4. Yes, the owner has recently started posting at supplement central, and one the guys over there has been using their M4-AD+ transdermal.

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