Question about my pre-cycle bloods.

  1. Question about my pre-cycle bloods.

    My results are back and everything is in range, the only thing that concerned me was my Estradiol levels, on a scale of 7.6 to 42.6, I'm at 39.2, pushing the much later range. Does this put me at any risk moving into a cycle for gyno or anything like that? Not sure if this is normal, very few of my other ranges ever got that high on the scale.

    Free Test is 591 if it helps.

    Is this someone to consider moving forward, should I have a little more Arimidex on hand?

    Background info: 23, training for over 2 years, 170, ~12% BF. First cycle about to happen, 100mg Test Prop EOD for 10 weeks. Nolva on hand for PCT and Arimidex if necessary.

  2. I would def keep an eye on estrogen sides.
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  3. Thanks, any other input?

  4. Also when you say Estro sides, besides gyno and water retention, is there anything else to look out for?

  5. No one else has any other info on this? I've seen alot of people give feedback on bloods.



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