Epistane (Havoc) into Test-E cycle question!?

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    Epistane (Havoc) into Test-E cycle question!?

    Hey,I'm 26, 5' 10", 180 lbs, 11% BF. I've run a test cycle in the past and loved the gains. I'm currently on the below cycle and want to enter a test e 12 week cycle at 500mg afterwards. Once i finish the below cycle can i enter right into my test e cycle without running any PCT until after everything is said and done?

    Epistane (Current cycle week 1)

    Week 1:40mg
    Week 2:40mg
    Week 3:40mg
    Week 4:40mg
    Week 5:40mg
    Week 6:40mg

  2. Just start the test along with epi. It doesn't make sense to add it after your finished with epi.

  3. Please don't encourage this guy. Read all of his threads first and then make your decision.

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