how long does ph stay in system?

  1. how long does ph stay in system?

    I did a mild cycle of epistane a couple of months ago. The last pill I took that ended my cycle of it was Christmas eve of last year. I was just wondering how long prohormones such as epistane will be detectable in the system? Thanks a bunch!

  2. It "should" be out pretty quick, like most orals it leaves your system in about 3 weeks.

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  5. you realize epistane is legal right?

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    you realize epistane is legal right?
    You still fail a steroid test...

  7. So over a 6 month period it would most likely be out of my system? I'm most likely over analyzing this but just making sure.

  8. Consider the metabolites of "ph/ps", those of which we have no idea...

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