I'm starting a standard 250mg 2x/wk test E cycle tomorrow. I'm 6'1 200 lbs right now, 9-10% body fat and have been training about 4 days/wk for 3 years and I turn 23 in a few months. I'm looking to increase strength and add lean body mass. I'm naturally an ectomorph and have a fast metabolism, with a solid diet. It seemed like for me the Test E took a couple of weeks to really kick in, and I want to get the most out of my money this time.

I have some SD, and Phantom Lab Phorce which is 30mg Dymethazine + 15mg LMG. Which would be better to kickstart my test E? I'm leaning towards SD. I don't want to lose too much definition, and I know the test E is already going to make me retain water. From what I've read SD doesn't as much.

Also, This isn't my first cycle, I've run one cycle of test E before and one cycle of H-Drol. I have aromasin, was planning 12.5mg ED and Cycle support, then I have clomid for PCT. I've never run SD or Dymethazine/LMG I stocked up on them several months ago.. Any suggestions?