first aas cycle

  1. first aas cycle

    Hey guys, new to this forum. Just wanted to make sure my first cycle looked right. I've done a prohormone cycle before (Trenazone) but not AAS. This is what I have:

    3 x 10ml vials of test E (kalpa)

    30 1mg tabs of arimixyl (kalpa) for AI

    30 50mg tabs of clomid (kalpa) for PCT

    I'll be stacking the test with m-sten based on all the good reviews I've heard

    2 bottles of 10mg 60 capsules m-sten rx by Iron Mag Labs

    1 bottle of 65 capsules of Protex by Vital Labs for liver support while running the Msten

    1 bottle Post Cycle x3 also by Vital Labs just to throw in with PCT, possible waste of money?

    Ok here's the plan: begin cycle support and start off with 20mg of Msten and frontload the test at 1000mg of test all the same day (except test will be just a 500mg pin of course, will be pinning the other 500mg later that week). Then, run test for a total of 13 weeks at 500mg/week. As far as Msten I originally was gonna just follow the directions and keep it at 20mg a day and run it for 4 weeks because by then the test should be kicking in big time especially since frontloading but after some log reviews I figured **** it and bought another bottle and thought maybe ill run it at 30mg after the first week for maybe 5 or 6 weeks? Opinions very welcomed. So yeah, run Msten until its time up then just keep on with the test until week 13. Then I plan to hit PCT week 15 with clomid, post cycle x3, and DAA. With clomid I didn't get enough I think because I was recommended to run it at 150mg first week then down to 50 for 30 more weeks which conflicted what I originally thought which was 50/50/25/25 so any advice would be greatly appreciated to help clear it up for me.
    I'm looking to build strength and mass, strength being first priority as I train in muay thai, boxing and jiu jitsu just as a hobby not doing this to cheat or anything although there is a potential fight opportunity sometime later this year.
    Age 30
    Bf is around 20% (I eat too damn much)
    Before I get this cycle rolling I will have diet in proper check. My wife is already informed lol
    Thanks for any input guys.

  2. You may want to consider dropping some bf first. In general your more prone to estro sides at higher bodyfat %s.

  3. You may want to consider dropping some bodyfat first. You're more prone to estrogen side effects at the higher bf %s.

  4. Ok. It might be lower, I haven't had it checked in like a year and I've put on considerable muscle mass. Maybe ill pick up some calipers. My top abs are visible tho.

  5. Top abs visible? Perhaps 13-15%?

  6. Nice layout. Run the msten for 6 weeks u'll get great results. 4 weeks us too short. Get some tudca it will help. And front loading is not needed on the test I would just dose normally and u'll get an extra week on cycle. Pct is good, don't run clomid at 150mg, I don't know why people do that. 50/50/25/25 is fine. Good luck

  7. Possibly. I'm gonna go get some calipers tonight. It might be closer to 17 18% since I've been kinda relaxed on my diet lately. I've been doing IF tho so its keeping me relatively low. I put on fat and muscle fast if I don't stay in check but i also drop fat really fast when I'm dialed in.

  8. how do u plan to dose the arimidex?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Eric160 View Post
    how do u plan to dose the arimidex?
    I was gonna do .5 every other day.


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