Back and Calf Pumps on Hdrol

  1. Back and Calf Pumps on Hdrol

    I am going to start my first cycle of hdrol and have been hearing a lot about back and calf pumps. I have a few questions about them...

    1. What causes them?
    2. If they occur, start taking 3-5g of taurine before and after workouts, eat bannanas, anything else?
    3. what do they feel like?
    4. Anyway to prevent them from occuring all together?

    I truly appreciate any input! Thanks

  2. Get a butt load of potassium in your diet. Our supplement it in. Taurine about an hour before lifting. Tons of water. Those three things should help the most.
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  3. Creatine made a noticeable difference for me. Taurine and creatine 5g each before a workout.

  4. Hdrol gave me better pumps than SD and DMZ so far.

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