bulk,please advice

  1. bulk,please advice

    A while ago i was talking about a lean bulk, until i gave it some further thought and realized Im an ectomorph. Im going to bulk from February through April and then i can easilly cut down in 2 months by actually doing cardio consistently and the help of some clen, and the ECY stack. Also I used to be of the philosophy that if you are going to use steroids you should use them to gain mass and then shed fat later. I should have stayed there

    Weeks 1,2
    Test Enanthate 1 gram/week
    weeks 1-3
    M1T 25mg/day

    weeks 3-10
    Test Enanthate 500mg/week
    or 500mg/week weeks 1-10 depending on the above.

    Weeks 1-10
    Deca 300mg/week

    Weeks 7-12
    MDHT 100mg/day

    (I already have the M1T and the MDHT sitting here thats why they are being and/or considered being used, I dont want to spend more money on winstrol, and im not a big fan of dbol it bloats me no matter what, unless i use it with winstrol.)

    L-dex weeks 1-12

    HCG being ran weeks 1-11

    PCT Starts week 13
    Nolv 40mg/day for 10 days
    Nolv 30mg/day next 7 days
    Nolv 20mg/day next 7
    Nolv 10mg/day next 7
    Creatine ran entire post cycle, I run clen for the last two weeks of the month of PCT. Tribulus taken daily. Considering trying 7-oxo-dhea?

    Supps Taken daily:
    Weeks 1-16
    Multi Vitamin, NAC, Milk Thistle, Glucosamine, Chonodroitin. Use Minoxidil for the hair.

  2. I'd run the test e 500 w/ no frontloading, run the m1t for three weeks, and run deca at 500/week rather than 300. PCT looks fine. Just make sure to eat man.

  3. I only have enough for 300mg/week. That and I have never used Deca, so I want to keep the dose low the first time, when im deciding if i like it or not.
    So its one vote for the M1T over the frontload, anyone else?

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