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    I tried to upload pics but I didn't have enough posts to do so. Won't let me post links in here either but if you just put the .com into this link manually you can see a video of me benching 315 x 8 it was uploaded almost 2 years ago. I bench much more now but this is the only proof I can provide. I changed the title on youtube to include livingdeadguy so you know its me.

    youtube/watch?v=6V5YSqduq8U Just put .com after youtube and the link will take you there.

    I'm starting to think that there is nothing wrong with me. I feel healthier than ever, and honestly there probably wasn't ever really anything wrong. My liver enzymes were only slightly elevated (76 alt/55 ast) and that was just a day after a harsh cycle. The levels came back down to normal in just about a week or so. The Dr. said the elevated alt/ast was not abnormal because these enzymes can be released by muscle as well. I just got scared ****less when I started to do more research about these things, and found out how stupid it was to run all those cycles in just a 3 year period. Oh well, lesson learned.
    Don't ever diagnose yourself online it will just make your anxiety worse and you rarely find a correct diagnosis. Btw..if your liver was failing you would have yellow eyes, skin, etc. Its called jaundice.

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    There are plenty of people who run 2-3 cycles a year that's not uncommon just saying. What you think guys wait 6 months between cycles?? Bahahahahaha now that's funny
    Agreed. People do run 2-3 cycles a year. Exp people who know what they are doing. Not underage kids. OP has done nothing but contradict himself and pretty sure he isn't being serious and just trolling around. Was a little heated in that post haha just due to his stupidity and constant changing of his story. I still say 9 cycles is a tad much for oral only cycles but if you get your Blood work done and good to go, then it comes down to the user and their own personal choices.

  3. Lol the drs told you that your not haveing liver failure but you dont beleive them.

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    Also to all you talking **** saying I did no pct let me clarify that I always had toremifene or raloxifene as well as letro on hand and would occassionally take them. For a couple cycles I did a well thought out pct and stuck to it, but for several of the mild cycles i did i only did like two weeks of pct.
    Key word is occasionally.
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  5. "I'm starting to think that there is nothing wrong with me."

    Smokes lots of weed, pops adderall, becomes paranoid as fuq... I think theres a connection there..... *******.. I just hope you didnt write your Congressman a fuqing letter lmao..

  6. Why don't you listen to your liver specialist. Everyone is right your enzymes will be higher after a meth cycle. It's your choice to not do pro hormones. Did you not run all the support supps and drink a gallon of water a day? Did you drink alcohol on cycle or during your break?
    There's a lot more to it I would think

  7. Very old thread. But sounds more like he had gallbladder issues than liver issues.


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