NPP or Test Gyno need your thoughts

  1. NPP or Test Gyno need your thoughts

    I was starting this blast with 700 mgs of nandrolone (400mgs NPP & 300mgs Deca) stacked with a total of 700 mgs of test ( 500 cyp & 200 prop) I dropped the Deca because my bloat was going a little to much so now Im running 400 mgs NPP. Recently though i developed a severe puffines that is clearly visible i can feel two tiny tiny lumps but i've had these since my first cycle and they are not noticable. My supports are extremestane @ .5 mg EOD and Prami @ .8 mgs a day. I have no clue whats causing this My main thouhgt is the NPP but the prami dosage is way high

    Is it cause i fap every day causing my prolactin to increase

  2. I can tell u ur problem. Ur doses of the steroids and ur doses of ur ancillaries. Poor planning brother. Caber would have been better. And ur Exem is dosed about a tenth of what it should be. Lack of research gave u gyno not steroids.

  3. Exem at .5mgs? Uh... Your e2 is your problem. Exem should at minimum be 12.5 eod if not Ed.

    Better yet go get your blood drawn. Lab work. Only way to know for sure.
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  4. Shoot Edit: Anastanzeroloe

  5. Bloodwork would be best, but with prami that high I'd try going to 1mg EOD with your adex

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rayjay View Post
    Bloodwork would be best, but with prami that high I'd try going to 1mg EOD with your adex
    Yeah i was thinking the same thing since half life is 2 days then if i only do .5 by thw second day im allready half tht but if i do 1mg once then il have atleast .5 for the second day

  7. I learned from chronic pain treatment a few years back that yes when you take a bigger dose it not only goes up to a higher level than two half doses separated but there's a chance the good effects will last longer as well.
    Maybe this translates to other drugs, so I never do Adex .5 everyday, instead I do 1mg EOD if that's the level of AI I need.

    That's completely bioscience though


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