First PH cycle (havoc)

  1. First PH cycle (havoc)

    Hello, I'm 23 years old, I train about 4+ years and I wanna push my limits a little, cuz I think I'm kinda stagnating for time. I know about food/training/supplements, I write for some bodybuilding websites and so on.. So I'm not a newbie in "bodybuilding world". My goal is gain some LEAN mass, lose some fat.

    I been reading articles and researching for a long time. I decited to go with Havoc for my 1st cycle

    I have read a lot about dosing, but Im not sure yet. There are recommendations for 4w cycle for example (20/30/40/40) but also atleast 5-6w cycle recommendation. And Its like 50/50 about dosing…. But I think, if its my 1st cycle, 4w dosing with 1 bottle of Havoc should be just fine. On the other hand, I wanna some decent results and 6w recommendation is from lot of experienced people

    My Cycle Support would be:
    Taurine 5-10g/day
    Joint Supp (glucosamine,msm)
    Scitec Liver AID
    Milk Thistle
    Other Supplements: protein whey, bcaa, leucine, glutamine, creatine (when back pumps would be just fine), omega3, coconut oil, zinc, magnesium, C vit, calcium.

    ?? dont know ??…. But i WANT to use SERM (I was thinking about combination with Erase (prot), Anabeta, Reversitol or something!) Maybe Nolvadex.I am always worried when coming off a cycle,for side effects like gyno and losing the gains made on cycle. So I think PCT ist totally important not to underrate.


  2. So I decited to go 6weeks long cycle (20/30/40/40/40/40) because lot of recommendations. Maybe Ill change dosing a bit. It depends how my body will react.But still dont know about PCT:Tamoxifen 4 weeks (20/20/10/10)DAAand what? Is anything else unconditionally necessary? (Erase Pro, Anabeta, Reversitol... I dunno)Thanks

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