My work hows it gonna affect cycle

  1. My work hows it gonna affect cycle

    Hey guys I'm a furniture removalist working 5 days a week lifting sometimes for 15 hours a day, some very heavy but not all items but its pretty was wondering what you'd class this work? Cardio or a form of lifting and should I have a gym session afterwards? It's tricky but what would your approach be to this if your cycling or lifting in general

  2. What you'd classify the work as depends on what you're lifting at the moment, if it's more light items maybe more cardio then the heavier more like lifting. Also depends on the intensity.

    DO NOT start a cycle if you aren't going to the gym consistently. Your work may be physically taxing but it does not ensure that each muscle is worked evenly and with lifting many normal items it can be almost impossible to have perfect form. In short working out in the gym ensures a much higher quality workout.

  3. In this instance, I would recommend a Bodybugg. They track your kcals burnt via heart rate. It's just like a watch. Also, listen to your body, if you "feel" hungry, eat something and see if it subsides; snacks will be your friend here.

  4. No probs with gym consistency just wondering overtraining maybe like if I work a 15 hour then hit say back for 60 to 90 min would that be too much?i do get some bastard jobs and things like getting pianos up 6 stories so happen.should I use a different workout on these days? I've really only done fairly heavy lifts on cycle. Also it's hard to maintain weight I sometimes drop 3 kg a day doing this as its so taxing I gain it back but it takes days, and yes I'm staying hydrated.on the other hand being on cycle helps my job so so much

  5. Yes still train, your muscle are used to what you do every day and now you get to confuse them and try will grow.

  6. Yeah funny thing is a get doms in different areas each week depending on the type of furniture move I've done
  7. Re: My work hows it gonna affect cycle

    Didn't you just almost die from some crazy cycle you ran?
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  8. It looks like a month ago you ran a ****ty cycle with crappy knowledge and now your asking questions? Bro learn how to train properly before using AAS.

  9. Lol, hey man did you get that boil cultured? You probably got MRSA or some **** from your immune system being weakened. IF you do ever end up in the hospital please don't tell them what you are taking, irresponsible people like you are the reason this stuff gets banned and makes it more of a hassle for those of us that aren't dumb. Sorry for being harsh but you earned it.


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