Suggestions for My First PH Cycle

  1. Suggestions for My First PH Cycle

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to the Anabolic Minds community and I needed your expertise on starting my first PH cycle. After doing some research Iím still struggling to find what would be the best dosage for my first PH cycle. I am 23, 190 lbs, I donít drink or smoke, and I am following a cut diet. I am starting to lean out at the end of my second week but I want to get the most out of it. My goal is to lean out as much as possible and gain as much muscle as possible on a cut. Some suggestions given to me so far for a good PH cycle would be:

    Preparing for cycle (2 weeks):
    - Hawthorn Berry: Everyday, to stabilize blood pressure.
    - Fish Oil: Everyday, to help with dry joints.

    PH Cycle (6 weeks w/ olive oil suspension):
    - T-Var: 45/45/45/45/60/60
    - Stano: 600/600/600/600/600/600 or 900/900/900/900/900/900
    - Hawthorn Berry: Everyday, to stabilize blood pressure.
    - Fish Oil: Everyday, to help with dry joints.

    I've been looking for raw powder for Stano. Any clue where I can find it? If none is available I looked into Stano-Elite (looks like Iíll need more than one bottle. Any suggestions for another Stano product?)

    On-cycle Support (6 weeks):
    - Organ Shield: 1-2 capsules a day

    PCT (6 weeks)
    - Clomid + Nolvadex (I keep reading about taking these together, is it necessary? If so, what dosages?)
    - Titanium XL: 2 capsules every day in the morning and evening.
    - Erase: 2 capsules every day.

    I really want to get my PCT right. My greatest concern is gynecomastia.

    Any suggestions on dosages (higher/lower dosage or different products? Thanks everyone for your help!

  2. I think Trenavar and Stano is a good first cycle. Probably wont see much at that dose of Tren. Most guys say the sweet spot is around 90mg or so. Also, go with the 900 on the stano. Elite does make a good stano product. Also LGi makes stano-200 I believe which is just as good. No idea about raw powders.

    I would think clomid would be fine or nolva, either or.

    Keep taking the fish oil but no need to preload the Hawthorne IMO. Pick up some DAA and run that through PCT starting on the last week of cycle as it takes a bit of time to build up.

    I know you didn't ask for it but have you looked into H-Drol as a first cycle? Would be a cheaper cycle and you'd likely put on more mass IMO.

  3. Most users on this forum will likely recommend you start out with a solo PH with mild sides (such as Halodrol) before attempting to stack compounds. I personally started my PH career with Spawn (Epi & Tren), so I feel like Tvar and Stano would be a good choice for a first run. LGI's Stano-200 has been good to me.

    Since this would be a relatively mild run, the pre loading and cycle itself looks fine to me. A little short on support supps, but still looks safe.

    For the PCT, just pick one SERM. I favor Clomid.
    Pick up the Erase and run it 0/0/3/3/2/1 (two weeks past the SERM). As previously stated, pick up some DAA and run it 3g/day throughout PCT (or at least through the end of the SERM).

    Keep researching. Check out some logs of people running the same setup. And good luck!

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