Insomnia on cycle

  1. Insomnia on cycle

    Hey any Australians know of any over the counter drugs for insomnia that work whilst on cycle?

    Or any other cure?

    3 hours a night is killing me

  2. I'm not an Australian, so I'm not sure what's available to you OTC in your parts. If you can get some Phenibut or maybe valerian root extract, that might help. You may end up having to take some pretty hefty doses to combat aas-induced sleep issues, tho. If you're willing to go the prescription route, clonazepam is a real winner - but be careful cause that sh!t can be very addictive and hard to get off. I've found that aas-induced insomnia is really difficult to treat, and for me, it gets even worse after cycle when my hormones are still out of whack. It's the worst side-effect I've ever gotten because it leads to a lot of other issues - moodiness, lack of focus at work, no energy to work out, etc... Hope you find some relief, bro, cause I know what a b1tch it is...

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