How low do AAS suppress test?

  1. How suppressive are AAS?

    Does anyone know approximately how much,in numbers,do AAS actually suppress total test?

    Because I`ve been looking at the numbers from the Gtx study on Ostarine,
    and the suppression seems to be close to 7 nmol/l,which is over 200 ng/dl.
    Twelve weeks of 3 mg ostarine daily

    I wouldn`t call this slightly suppressive at all.
    This is a drop from like 400 ng/dl to 200 ng/dl.

    Then again,I don`t know what numbers people do get after a cycle of AAS,that`s why I`m asking.

  2. Was under 100 bro on sd

  3. srs thread?
    shut up and squat!!!

  4. Lowa Dan b4

  5. And people are trying to recover on 10mg+

  6. I ve seen 6 on epidrol.

    Yup a 6.
    Formutech Nutrition Rep --------------Team IronClad Physiques!!! NPC Competitor

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 02sixxer View Post
    I ve seen 6 on epidrol.

    Yup a 6.
    In which units?


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