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  1. Quick question

    Ok I' am 27 and last year around august I used ultradrol and now its march and 2 days ago I just noticed a hard lump under my left nipple, its sensitive and painful if you press on it, and its swollen compared to the right side and I had a shoulder injure so I don't work out much since November till now, I' am somewhat of the heavier side, excess fat, i' am thinking its gyno, it just appeared like 2 days ago, I went to a doctor and they did a chest x-ray and gave me some anti-inflammatory meds, and told me its some cyst or gland, he didn't say anything about gyno.

    so I' am thinking of ordering some letrozole and using that and see if it does away. did maybe anybody experience anything like this, I mean why would gyno take that long to develop ?

  2. it wouldnt. could it be a spider bite maybe? ingrown hair? do you shave your nipples? do you sleep in a shirt? i got an infection in thte duct a few months ago from sleeping in a shirt. somehting about friction + sweat. dr said same thing happens when people run in loose shirts

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