what about combining deca and t-bomb2

  1. what about combining deca and t-bomb2

    wats up everyone, i was thinking the other week that I would really like to try to do some deca. I have tried various types of test before and didn't really dig getting so many zits, i did gain an absurd amount of strength and some size, but looking for some quality gains without the side effects. So thinking about using about 400mgs for ten weeks except for the 1st two weeks il use 200mgs and combining that with a hefty dose of t-bomb2 to stop any estrogen and enhance libido. . Also would a couple of bottles of 6oxo be sufficient for post cycle. Thanks for your help.

  2. do A LOT more research 6oxo is NOT sufficient pct for deca

    i HIGHLY recommend AGAINST using deca without test, 10 weeks isn't long enough for deca, and whatever this t-bomb 2 is even if it does stop estrogen, estro isn't the problem with deca progestrone is

    do a ton more research

  3. t bomb2 is the non prohormone replacement for t bomb by MHP, basically it raises free test levels while blocking estrogen. Can somebody tell me more about progestrone.

  4. simply and nicely put, do more research before you **** yourself up.

  5. ok, il do more research, but can I replace taking test with something a lil lighter that will still raise test levels naturally. If ten weeks is too short for deca then how long should I use it. And I can definatly use some solid post cycle advice apparently. It seems like the guys I know at the gym always give different advice so some good instructions would be much appreciated. I not a rook in the gym I have been liftin almost four years now im
    5 10 190lbs with under 10% body fat, I have tried test before when I was fresh out of high school like an idiot but I stopped after a month, but I gained about 10 lbs. But i figure the best knowledge that i can gain before I start is from the guys who live the lifestyle.

  6. it is my opinion that TEST SHOULD BE THE BASE OF ANY CYCLE. If you don't want any side effects then stay away from the sauce, because no matter what you do there will be side effects now, and possably longer down the road. I also agree with everyone who has said YOU NEED TO DO SOME RESEARCH! Please don't take anyone as being a dick, it is just very obvious that your research hasn't been done. You have made a good choice coming to this board as most everyone here seems to be very helpfull. If you have specific questions i am more then confident you will get an answer from someone.
    A WORD OF CAUTION. Never take anything anyone says as definate, meaning always do your research. This goes for me to, since you don't KNOW me or ANYONE HERE for that matter.

  7. oh yea almost forgot.
    welcome to the board.

  8. thanks

  9. Quote Originally Posted by thcking
    ok, il do more research, but can I replace taking test with something a lil lighter that will still raise test levels naturally.
    I'm surprised nobody jumped on this one yet. That isn't going to happen. As long as androgens are present, your natural test production is going to be shut down. Nothing will prevent that.


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