Hey Guys,,,Am needing any solid advice on an oral only 8 weeker..I know about PCT( been around the block) several times
    & to keep the receptors guessing I do run 2 orals at one time along with TUDCA (before you brand me insane & try to sell me a new liver) I have avail to me:
    A-Bombs 50s, Dbol 5 & 10 & 20 mgs, winny 5 & 10mg, & Var 10 mg. (Nolva as Pct *& during)

    Can anyone suggest Mgs per day & a taper up/taper down cycle with what I have on hand?

    * weeks total 8..and ive done this before but realize I do not know everything about cycles/Mg/Mixing AAS

    Criticiize me for not PINNING (yet anyway) but I am wanting to start AAS this weekend.

    Thank you in advance. Happy pumping Bros!

  2. I suggest you try freakingpinadrol you wussay

  3. Yea...KEEP IT REAL.

    Ok Tatu...Thanks for the advice...ordered some tonite.

  4. I would never recommend drol or dbol only. You could do an 8 week var at 60-80mg/day

  5. Thanks But why not keep the receptors popping & add some winny to the mix?

  6. You could do dbol for weeks 1-5 30 Mgs and winny or var 4-8 winny I would do like 30-50 mg or var 60-80 but injectables are bestables.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ucmuscle View Post
    injectables are bestables.

  8. If its oral only, I would go for dbol and Proviron. If you don't have access to proviron, just stick to Var.
  9. Thanks for the honest advice

    Why not run 2 orals together? In lower doses? Thanks


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