Epistane/Trenavar Bridge Cycle

  1. Cool Epistane/Trenavar Bridge Cycle

    Alrighty, hello everyone again. I have decided that I will be running an Epistane to Trenavar bridge for my next cycle ( will be a cut) starting in two weeks. Diet and training is in check, will be eating very clean with high protien, will increase caloric deficit once i become accustomed to the cut. Training is looking to be a 5 day split with cardio looking at 4-5 times per week.

    Basically I just want to post my cycle plan and hear any criticism and or positive feedback before I start, ya know, the usual finalization of a well developed plan anything anyone has to share or comment on is always greatly appreciated!! okay so here goes..

    Preload-(2 weeks)

    fishoil- 3g ED
    glucosamine (i always use this year round for joints, i have bad knees)
    CEL cycle assist 8 ED
    flax oil 3g ED
    might preload my p-5-p but not sure yet.

    Cycle-(6 weeks)
    Epi-10 by LGI week one-(30/30/40/40/40/40/40) week 2-6(40/40/40/50/50) thats 180 caps exactly which is what I have exactly.

    Trenavar from PHF.. now, this is my dilemma, i only have 180 10mg caps, (short on $$$ at the moment). Ideally i would like to run 90mg tren throughout the cycle; however, only have 180 caps puts that thought away. I was planning on either saving it for a future cycle or bridging the epi into it after 2 weeks.. so the tren would be 0/0/60/60/60/70 (thats 175 caps). any thoughts on this?

    On cycle supports-

    CEL cycle assist 8 ED
    Fishoil- 3g ED
    Flax oil- 3g ED
    p-5-p at 100mg ED
    taurine 3g ED

    PCT- (4 weeks)

    I have both clomid (pharm grade) and nolva (RC) on hand... Will definitely be using the clomid for this cycle though.
    I have had good expierence with 100/50/50/25 on the clomid so I will probably stick to that.

    E-Control Rx (6-oxo) will be added in week 3 ( i always taper an otc AI during pct to prevent estro rebound) 0/0/3/2/2/1
    Creatine- 10g ED (cell volumizer to help preserve gains)
    Fishoil- 3g ED
    flax oil- 3g ED
    DAA- either will run through whole pct or just start week 3 with my AI to help natural test

  2. Cmon somebody has to have an opinion or something!

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