Need help planning my 16 week contest prep cycle

  1. Need help planning my 16 week contest prep cycle

    currently on:
    500mg test e/week
    700mg tren ace/week (just bumped to 125ed or 875/week)

    finishing the tren in 4 weeks

    going to cruise on slightly above trt doses of test for 6 weeks, deload, and get mentally and physically prepared for prep

    thinking something like this (but willing to change or critique it)
    tren e: 16-0 600/week
    mast e: 16-0 600/week
    test e 16-8 400/week
    test p: 8-1.5 350/week (drop the test about 1.5 weeks out)
    proviron 2-0 50 ed (thinking maybe 100 ed?)

    of course ill have all the other staple supps, ais, etc.

    going to cycle clen and eca 2 weeks each at a time, drop clen 2 weeks prior to prep

    any reccomendations? i dont think the tren e or mast e shouldnt cause more water than the shorter esters because they dont convert right? or should i switch to ace/prop in the last 8 weeks?

  2. btw im 225 lbs now, my stats are old dated; i know ill be comming in on the smaller side but i really just wanna get my feet wet with competing. this is gonna be 1st comp

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