Oxandrolone and Blood works

  1. Oxandrolone and Blood works

    Whats up guys?
    I`ve been taking 40mg of Oxandrolone ED for about 4 weeks and did some blood works and the resulting was.. kinda.. wierd imo.

    So here it goes:

    Test lvls(both free and total) were above average(but still in range), all liver markers were good.
    My hemogram was a little bit higher as expected.
    Estrogens results will come soon, just like Prolactin and Progesterone.

    My question here is about Testosterone lvls since oxandrolone shouldnt be tracked as test(only if increases the T lvls), I`ve done some researches and that might be possible, but I still have my doubts. Do you guys know anything about this? Or have done any blood exams while on Anavar?Have some experience on that?

    Other hypothesis is that what i`m taking is not oxandrolone .
    I just want to make sure.
    Thanks for your help, if you guys want I can share my blood works

  2. Your var could be flower.

  3. If your test levels are normal then you have bunk var.
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  4. If you wonder what is in what you are taking, I feel bad for you...

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