Right, now i'm exactly 4 weeks into a 6 week course of epi i'm going to do a little log as I thought the stuff wasn't working but now it seems to have kicked in a bit.

I originally planned a four week course of 20/30/30/30 but as of the 3rd week I had only become more vascular I had to extend it so I could see what the fuss was about. It has now ended up as a planned 6 week course and will be 20/30/40/46/46/46 (I started on Havoc and got EPI-18 as a second bottle so that's 10+18+18).

Week 1- Became more vascular within days, muscles felt harder though no strength increase or size increase. Maybe better pumps?

Week 2- Stayed looking quite cut, saw some definition going on. No real stength gains. Killer headaches which made me think my brain was about to explode during lifting and sex.

Week 3- Strength gains came. I don't normally go too heavy but added 5kg to dumbells for incline dumbell presses. Many exercises felt a little easier and I could get a few more reps. Headaches went halfway through this week...either due to upping the dose or whatever, I can't explain it.

Week 4- I'm noticing it now. I rarely deadlift and my best was 100kg, not because that's all I could lift but because that's all I have ever tried. Last night I managed 150kg for one with sets of 6 going up to the max weight.

Best flat and decline bench last night at 120kg for 2 reps. Normally i'm pushed to get 2 at 100kg. After these we normally drop back down to our warm up of 10 x 60kg. Last week I struggled to hit the 10, last night I managed 10 fairly easily.

2 more weeks left at 46kg and i'm hoping to hit 130kg on bench for at least 1, maybe 2 with a little bit of a spot. Also hoping things like EZ curls get stronger - drop sets became hard this week as my arms felt so swollen I couldn't even manage to bring in the last set of 20kg x 10. Fail.

Sides- Well, all the usual really. Back pumps but I take taurine and this helps. Sore joints but I have glucosamine. Killer headaches when lifting but these have gone now. Sometimes I want sex, sometimes I really couldn't care less. Hot flushes! I feel hot in the face so i'm assuming i'm looking flushed and red. Sometimes a little irritable but i'm not raging or anything. Thankfully, no acne yet. I hoping PCT won't break me out either. Strange sleep patterns, i'd wake up at exactly 01:30am for 3 nights in a row so I changed the timing of the doses. Lethargy...probably the worst side, sometimes I just can't be bothered to do anything. Maybe the fact that i'm training 4 days on the 3 off leaves me tired but i'm trying to make the most of the time I have with epistane.

Biggest disappointment for me is size gains. Maybe i'm expecting too much but I don't feel i've grown much. Forearms have become a little bigger which is good for me but as it's my first course of anything i've probably got silly expectations. Recovery time is quite quick now which i'm pleased with, it means I can train again sooner. Even so, I knew it was dry and can't expect my perfect body in one cycle - or four weeks for that matter.

We'll see what the last 2 weeks does for me but next time i'll be looking to stack the rest of the epi with something that will give me some size gains that i'll keep (assuming PCT is good), though it has to be mild, the whole reason I can do this PH is because it's not obvious that i'm using anything. It's a stealthy supplement imo.

PCT will be clomid and PES Erase. On cycle support has been milk thistle, glucosamine, propranolol and clonidine for blood pressure, zinc and plenty of water! Plus taurine and creatine.

I've forgotten my start weight but think it was around 14st 4lbs. Have been hitting between 3k-4k calories daily mainly from oats, chicken, eggs, egg wnite powder, wholegrains, maltodextrin whilst training and some simple carbs. Not an amazingly clean diet but it's adding weight without too much fat.