1-T Undecanoate vs. 1-T Hexyldecanoate

  1. 1-T Undecanoate vs. 1-T Hexyldecanoate

    Products such as Molecular Nutriton 1-T estergels claim to dissolve more of the hormone in the gels than 1-t undecanoate. I have never used the 1-t hexyldecanoate so I am not sure wether or not they would be worth the purchase. My question is whether or not the hexyldecanoate would have the same properties which allow the compound to bypass the liver, like the undecanoate version has. If not, I do not see how they could even compare.

    From Molecular Nutrition's 1-T Estergel;s ad:

    Partition Coefficient Values of Various 1-Testosterone Products: 1-Testosterone (free base)LogP3.51-Testosterone EthylcarbonateLogP4.91-Testosterone THP EtherLogP5.61-Testosterone UndecanoateLogP8.31-Testosterone HexyldecanoateLogP9.8

    Has anyone had experience with 1-T Hexyldecanoate and if so what was your dosage and gains?

  2. The PC values for the HD ester are higher than undecanoate. It is more lipid soluble, less water soluble, and will be absorbed through the lymphatic system significantly better because of this.
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