My Helladrol Experience

  1. My Helladrol Experience

    I am currently on the last day of my 6 week hella cycle. I wanted to submit a post for those individuals that, like me not too long ago, are interested in trying hella and have been scouring the web for information/feedback. A quick search of my name and you can find my exact cycle layout.
    I kept a pretty tedious log of my diet and progression from day one. I was eating an average of about 3800 calories per day with a 40/40/20 ratio, or as close as i could. I was/am lifting 5 days per week. Quads/hams, Chest/tris, Back/Bis, Shoulders/calves, Bis/Tris (DTP).

    A few measured stats just to get an idea:
    Before After
    218.6 lbs 238.8 lbs
    Bench Press: 405 x 3 Bench press 1RM as of last night: 470lbs!!
    Squat: 405 x 5 See below **
    Biceps: 17 3/4 inches (cold) 18.5 inches (cold)
    Chest (under the arms @ nipple line): 45 inches 47.5 inches

    ** Week 3-4 i had a back issue flare up and was unable to continue squatting, i had to switch to weighted walking lunges (60lb dumbbells). Week 4 i was getting 405 X 10.

    Suffice to say i am very pleased with my results. This was my second PH cycle and i was much more gratified with this one over my first. My results definitely exceeded my expectations. The only sides i can speak of were a loss of libido and some pretty gnarly back spasms in my multifidi/lower erectors starting about week 4. After starting taurine they were at least manageable. The libido loss only occurred in this final week, I bumped to 125mg so i am sure that is to blame. My guess is my PCT will rectify this. Which i will be starting tomorrow. Well hopefully this mini summary will be of some assistance to someone.

  2. Sounds like a great ride! Any before and afters?

  3. I wish i wouldve taken some befores, but unfortunately i did not.

  4. Can you post your cycle layout? Supps, pct, etc..?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Leftyz View Post
    Can you post your cycle layout? Supps, pct, etc..?
    If you search my name you should be able to find my whole layout. Sorry its a lot to type out again. Should be fairly easy to find it though. If you have troubles PM me and i will get it for you.

  6. Just saw it. Why did you choose Torem? Were you happy with it?
    Your cycle looks close to mine, but doubt I'll do osta.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Leftyz View Post
    Just saw it. Why did you choose Torem? Were you happy with it?
    Your cycle looks close to mine, but doubt I'll do osta.
    At the time of ordering everything it was an availability thing going with the liquid torem. I couldnt find anything bad about the product so thats what i went with. I am on day five and i dont really have much to say at this point. I havent lost any weight in these first 5 days but i have felt a lot more bogged down since i got off the hella, might just be in my head, strength still seems to be there at this point. First two days i did 120mg of the torem before bed along with the osta (25mg), woke up feeling like i was 17 again haha. Bumped down to 90 for the remainder of the week so thats where i am at now and libido at this point is same as it was the last few weeks of hella. This is my first experience with a SERM so i probably wouldnt be the most reliable source in advising on its efficacy. If you have any questions that i didnt answer i would be happy to.


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