1. Stanzolol

    I just got 70 50mg stanzolol pills and 20 arimidex pills.

    "BD/50" square pills and
    "IP" small circle pills

    My buddy broke his back and gave them to me, I've ran 4 hdrol cycles before and never really anything like this.

    I was wondering what type of cycle I could run with this. I need all the help I could get. I'm 24 175lbs 6"1

    Pretty lean except for my stomach area, I have a good sizes belly.

    The pills are about a year old.
    Thank you guys in advance for the help!

    **I was 210 and dropped after I broke my hand, I've been working out and have a majority of my gains back I wouldn't run the cycle until I'm maxed out of natural gains


  2. Save it for a cutting cycle. 8 weeks 50mg/day is nice. You won't need the arimidex on cycle so save that for maybe a test cycle.

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