I have 30 x 2.5 mg bromo. Any use for it?

  1. I have 30 x 2.5 mg bromo. Any use for it?

    Hey bros -

    I'm currently on the last few weeks of a 16-weeker, 500 EQ & 500 Test-C / wk.

    Everything is going well, aside from the fact that I haven't made insane gains (and crazy recomp as hoped) although it's been a pretty steady gainage / loss of some fat, but I guess that's the deal w EQ anyway right?

    Anyhow, I have for PCT a smorgasbord of items, including:

    60 x 50 mg Clomid

    50-60 x 25 mg Aromasin (was using Arimidex EOD or a lil less than EOD as needed)

    Nolva forget how much but a decent amount

    Been doing HCG 250 IU x 2 / week weeks 4 - a week or two ago, then switched to 500 IU 2x's / week.

    I'll spare you more reading, but I'll probably stick w Aromasin + Clomid for PCT and....

    My question is:

    Is there any use for Bromo here? I figured why not order some while I was getting other stuff (it was not too much $), and I have about 30 x 2.5 mg tabs.

    Thanks for any help or advice!

    Will give a more detailed summary of the cycle in a few weeks for anyone who cares

  2. *Bump*

    Any use for Bromo (2.5 mg 30 tabs) after EQ / Test cycle 16-17 weeks?


  3. I would love a run down of the cycle. I have been interested in my first test cycle.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheGnome View Post
    I would love a run down of the cycle. I have been interested in my first test cycle.
    Wasup Gnome? I'll post something soon, but basically my first one early in 2012 I did (1) : Test 500 / wk for 12 weeks, with D-Bol 4 week kicker (40 mg ED), and winny tabs finisher (50mg ED last 6 or 7 weeks). I definitely got results from this cycle in terms of overall muscle & strength gains.

    This second one I did starting this past November, 500 Test & 500 EQ for 17 weeks, with a T-Bol kicker (40 mg ED first 6 weeks and primo oral 100 mg ED last 8 weeks).

    I have to say, I think it might come down to (a) the fact that it was my first cycle so my virgin AAS receptors were so ready to rock (b) the (lower) quality of the tabs used in my second cycle or (c) maybe D-Bol and Winny just work better for me vs. Turinabol & Primo Tabs, but the first cycle I definitely felt more clear-cut strength gains.

    l definitely recommend the "Test only" cycle as your first one, however it's definitely not a bad idea to supplement that with a D-Bol kick and a winny finisher so that you (1) don't have to wait 5 weeks to notice anything (i.e. if you're doing test-c or e) and (2) so you can harden up those gains w winny the last 5 - 7 weeks.

    PS for both I did Arimidex as the AI during cycle, and Aromasin as AI during PCT (they say do these in this order; not the other way around), HCG 250 IU 2x's / week week 4 thru the last two weeks, then I bump it up to 500 IU 2-3 x's / week the last two weeks, and a SERM (Nolva or Clomid prob Clomid this 2nd time) starting 2 weeks after last pin.

  5. Nice man. Glad things went good for you! The cycle sounds like an awesome ride!



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