Common... or not so Common Sides

  1. So if someone is prone to back pumps with Hdrol... are they usually prone to them with Epi, SD and other PHs? Or, do some people only get them from a certain PH?

    Just curious is anyone has gotten them from one methylated ph but not others. I get em not on cycle sometimes... so on cycle was a little... awful.

  2. Muscles and hot chicks=most common sides.

  3. So, do hot chicks apply to all PHs, or mostly with a certain compound? Automatic muscles sound cool too though... whats geared toward what?

  4. Glad this thread went to good use. Certainly get all my questions answered adequately on this forum, ha. Even a novice like myself can see how idiots are formed on here.

    Not sweating it but I love how people always flame noobs but cant answer a reasonable question from someone trying to gain some knowledge haha. Wah wah wah I know...

  5. I get them from just about any PH
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  6. Only sides I've ever had were shin pumps and that was on Spawn and it was isolated to when I ran. So I didn't run anymore.
    Other than that, nothing to report for me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    I get them from just about any PH
    I figured it must mostly be across the board

  8. Anyone get back pumps from one PH, but less or none from the others?

    Reppin answers

  9. Epi has been giving me worse back pumps than others.

  10. SD is the worst for me, hdrol prob least in terms of back pumps or sides in general. I think dosage, water intake, and supps make a bigger difference then the oral you are taking


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