Hey anabolic minds,

Just got my bloods back today:

(Result) ------------(Normal Range)

TOTAL BILIRUBIN -0.5-------0.2-1.0
BILIRUBIN-DIRECT -0.1-------0.0-0.2
BILIRUBIN-INDIRECT -0.4-------0-1.0
TOTAL PROTEIN -7.0-------6.4-8.2
ALBUMIN -4.3-------3.4-5.0
GLOBULIN -2.7-------2.0-3.9
A/G RATIO -1.6-------1.2-2.4
ALK PHOS -114-------40-136
AST/SGOT -42-------15-37 (High)
ALT/SGPT -41-------12-65
CHOLESTEROL -109-------100-200
TRIGLYCERIDE -44------<150
HDL CHOLESTEROL -43------->40
LDL CHOLESTEROL -57-------10-100
CHOLESTEROL HDL RATIO -2.5----------<5.0

As far as these tests are concerned i think im good to go on the cycle. I'll try to get another test during my cycle, and another one a month after PCT. I'll try to log my cycle but life may get in the way. i'm starting my preload June 1st and will post my first log entry on the 14th. Lookin forward to this cycle, hope u guys stick around to follow