Take last dose of Stanodrol before Torem?

  1. Take last dose of Stanodrol before Torem?

    I am starting my PCT Sunday night(Monday being the first day) and I usually dose 300mg stano at 9-9:30pm.

    I heard before bed is the best time to take your SERM, so I was going to dose my first 120mg toremifene at 9-930, along with Endosurge and DAA, instead of the Stano. Is this a good plan?

    The stano should be clearing my system by 10-11 PM and I want the SERM there to kick me in the nuts.

  2. Holy **** I'm over-thinking this haha

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AwhYeah View Post
    Holy **** I'm over-thinking this haha
    exactly lol. if its your very last dose and your just trying to finish off the bottle or something, i would just take that stano dose earlier in the day or start your pct the following day. not a big deal either way
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  4. you can dose ur serm whenever you like. i usually dosed in the morning and took erase pro pre bed. take your last dose of stano and then use your serm the next day, dont stress about over lap
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