Stimulants on cycle

  1. Stimulants on cycle

    Will using stimulant products while on cycle be detrimental to gains? Especially stims that have thermogenic properties.

  2. not any more than stims off cycle. id say its even less because stim preworkouts cause stronger cortisol responses from working out. cortisol isnt too much of an issue while on cycle. pct is a different story

    what you have to worry about is the blood pressure effects of stimulants since they are vasoconstrictors. paired up with certain steroids could cause some nasty presssure headaches and is potentially dangerous. think a huge bp sike during the mddle of a heavy squat. you could very well faint with 300lbs on top of you

  3. If being on steroids raises your blood pressure (it's typical for the majority of users), I would skip the stims.

    But regardless of my own advice, I abuse stimulants both off and on cycle.
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  4. As long as your conscious of your BP, and don't go too overboard on stims you should be ok.

  5. i ran stims through out my cycle, nothing 200mg's of coQ10 didnt take care of
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