Havoc/Hdrol stack, what to add??

  1. Havoc/Hdrol stack, what to add??

    hey guys im not new to Ph's i've ran protomax, halodrol, epistane, stanodrol, etc.....im going ot run a havoc(epistane) and Hdrol stack, i didnt do the dosage yet becuase i dont know what to add i have dermacrine and furuza-a on deck i wanted to add them into the havoc/hdrol cycle.... i have enough furuza to run it at 300mg ED for 6 weeks, i also have 2 bottles of dermacrine.........but i honestly think its overkill running epi/hdrol/dermacrine/furuza... so does anyone have a suggestion whether to put furuza with stack or dermacrine with stack....i have all supports and pct....i ran HDrol before and my gyno flared while i was on so i threw some PES Erase in wiht the cycyle and it made symptoms go away. so i figured epistanes AI properties would help when im on hdrol with gyno

  2. I wouldn't stack two methyls. Stack one methyl and one non methyl.
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