test base trans to jumpstart

  1. test base trans to jumpstart

    what do you guys think about jump starting a cycle with of longer acting esters (test E, EQ) with a test base transdermal as opposed to using test prop

    i really don't enjoy injecting at all, i actually feel pretty damn near passing out when i watch the needle enter my skin ... yes i know i am a gigantic vagina ... anywho does any one have thoughts about this?

    i'd rather use something like this than dbol by the way because a) i don't want to gain a TON of water and b) i'd rather not have the ridiculously quick strength gains as i don't want to injure my tendons especially my shoulder tendon which is not 100% anyway

  2. in theory it would work. assuming a neutral 20% absorbtion rate on the TD, than you would need roughly 3 grams a week to get 600mg/test a week. but if you've got the powder your golden (its 40 cents a gram!)

  3. It would be fine to choose this approach. I have injected many times and never liked doing it. Repetition does make it easier.
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  4. I actually like the idea and am considering it as well.

  5. trans is just as good, just takes more to equal the amount from injecting. it's ok to be scared of needles bro, go get about 3k worth of tats and you're cured.

  6. 3k on tats eh? i'd rather spend it on hookers ... but hey that's just me

    can i expect to feel the test immediately (within a few days) this way? or would it be like a 1-test trans where it takes around 2 weeks to feel anything ... because if that's the case, i'm not sure its worth it

  7. I would expect that you would begin to feel some response to the testosterone in a matter of days.

  8. I have ran test base cycles and also kick-started a test enth cycle with test base for a couple weeks, no problems all, actually really liked it. Test is test, just a matter of ester and administration method


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