Testicular SHUTDOWN

  1. Testicular SHUTDOWN

    How do you know if your shutdown? I hear people say their nuts shrink... but i have never seen my nuts get smaller...
    I read a post where Dr D was talking about a cycle he did (i dont remember of what) but he said he didnt do pct because
    it was not necessary??? I assume he did blood tests?

  2. its hard to tell yourself whether you are shutdown ... some don't really experience testicular atrophy too any great degree .. that doesn't mean they aren't shutdown

    a blood test is really the only way to know for sure ... you're always better off safe than sorry .. run a full pct with nolva

  3. You get shutdown even on relatively mild compounds. And you can't wait or rely on nut shrinkage, mood etc as a gauge. How are we supposed to measure testicular volume accurately anyway.

    PCT or in the case of Dr.D enough time off with some OTC herbs - which counts as PCT of sorts is always necessary.

    Running another cycle when you're not fully 100% will definitely make recovery and gains worse.

  4. My boys are super sensitive. I started off my current cycle which is 1T and 4ad and I threw some m1t in there at the beginning. My fellas were at about 75% within one week

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