Non-methyl stack options

  1. Non-methyl stack options

    What's up guys? Thought this was the right section for this but if not, feel free to let me know or have an admin move it. As most of you know, the Arnold Classic was this weekend & I decided to stop by (only about 25 minutes west of Columbus) & got some really good deals on some non methyl PHs. Basically, I'm just asking for some advice as to how you guys would stack these options together, possibly making 2 stacks out of them. As for stats, I'm 21, 5'10'' 205 at probably 15-18% bf (coming off a bulk) Bulk cals were roughly 3200 per day, looking to transition to a cut/recomp where i'll probably slowly work my way back down to maintenance & go from there. Currently using a P/RR/S 4 day split & diet is pretty well on check. Alright, so now to the good stuff..

    In my possession, I have..
    1 AMS Pro Anabolic Kit (1 4-AD, 1 Decavol, Arom-X)
    1 AMS Anabolic Growth Kit (1 1-AD, 1 4-AD, 1 Decavol)
    1 LG EpiAndro
    1 LG 17-ProAndro
    1 MAN Nolvadren-xt
    1 BPS Endosurge
    Plenty of bulk DAA
    Half bottle of OG Erase
    Along with other staples.. (OT, Agmatine, Creatine mono, Cit Mal, etc.)

    Was just looking for a little bit of feedback on how you guys would split these stacks up, dosage & durations. This would be my first run of any type of PH as i definitely wanted to start off slow. I would be running the stack probably come April, just trying to get some planning ahead. Thanks in Advance!

  2. not a fan of any of those ph's but id run the ams kits together using endosurge and aromx for pct
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    not a fan of any of those ph's but id run the ams kits together using endosurge and aromx for pct
    Yea, I'm not looking for crazy or drastic gains, just a little extra boost. I was just gonna run the 4-AD & Deca at 3/day for 6 weeks.. But how should I incorporate the 1-AD in?

  4. Bump for other suggestions.

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