Increasing epistane cycle length?

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    Increasing epistane cycle length?


    I originally planned a 4 week cycle of 20/30/30/40 but after 3 weeks of 20/30/40 I think it's only just starting to kick in strength wise. I noticed more vascularity within a week but not so much in terms of size yet. Forearms have got bigger though which i'm happy with.

    So 3 more weeks maybe? Any advised dosages? Looking to try and squeeze a bit of size out for the remainder of the cycle really. I'll be doing at least 3000cal per day which is more than maintenance for me even though it's not an insane amount. It's quite clean though.

    Sides have been ok. Lethargy, headaches which disappeared last week, back pumps, strange sleep patterns....oh and I syaryed getting hot flushes last week. My face sometimes feels hot so i'm sure it must be red too lol. Have a slighly shorter temper but most of the time feel well. Haven't lost the ability to get it up yet but not really interested in sex right now.


  2. Yeah epi is best if ran for 6 weeks. If ur doing good at 40 stay there if u need more bump it. I didn't notice much different higher than 60. But if its ur first cycle of epi, 40-50 should be awesome.

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    Ok thanks, if there's no benefit in doing more than 6 weeks i'll run the last 3 weeks at 40-50mg and try to increase carbs for a bit more size. Then onto PCT to try and keep any gains.


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