Helladrol cycle.. Questions for you guys..

  1. Helladrol cycle.. Questions for you guys..

    Ok so I have ran a couple injectable cycles.. I plan on running Helladrol here soon just to give it a try.
    5'6 187 lbs 12-13% bodyfat 23 years old.

    Currently I am still cutting.. I was up to about 18-20% bodyfat and decided to cut down. I read in the stickies that Halodrol is used while cutting so thats basically why I decided to try a run of it.

    My question is, since I am cutting (2000 cals, 165g carbs, 200g protein, 67g fats / day) Would you keep with your diet being the same or up the carbs some? Any advice would help.

  2. I would up your protein instead. You should get at least 1.5g per pound of body weight while on cycle. I would only consider upping carbs(while cutting) if the lethargy was too rough to bear.

  3. Roids increase protein syntehsis so upping protein would be good. You can reduce cals much more on cycle than you can cutting naturally as well without the risk of losing muscle.
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