some advise on ph while on hrt

  1. some advise on ph while on hrt

    Thanks in advance for any help . I'm 29 , 5'11 and220. About 8 months ago I was had been feeling like complete **** . No energy gaining weight and low sex drive . I was diagnosed with low test and the doc couldn't tell me exactly why .I Was prescribed androgel for 5 or 6 months and now am on test cyp 200 mg once a week. Im about to try a cycle of chem tek labs trenadrol. With milk thistle one day. I was told that because I'm on test already that I didn't need a post cycle or estrogen blocker. Can any of you give me any advise on this ? I have never done ph or the real deal before . And I'm just looking to put on some mass . I lost a lot and gained a lot of fat due to my levels being so low . Been in the gym for about 2 years.

  2. My understanding is that hrt will eliminate the need for PCT since you're already essentially shut down from the test. The need for an ai will depend on what you decide to run. Also if you decide to go with a methylated ph I'd look into running TUDCA for liver protection instead of (or along side of) milk thistle. Good luck to you. I'm in the same boat as you are. On trt, but want to try ph/aas, just can't decide what to get my feet wet with.

  3. Thanks for your advise ill look into getting some TUDCA

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